Inland Ceaonthus(Ceanothus herbaceus var. pubescens)


Inland Ceanothus Ceanothus herbaceus Rat. var. pubescens (T. & G.) Shinners (BUCKTHORN FAMILY)

Inland ceanothus is a bushy shrub 2-3 ft tall with alternate oblong to elliptic leaves whose margin is glandular-serrate. The inflorescence is an umbellate panicle of white, 5-petaled flowers. The petals are long-clawed and narrow, forming a cup. The fruit is a 3-lobed black capsule. The leaves and flowers are used to make a tea for treating fevers, dysentery, and sore mouth and throat. The flowers lather when crushed and rubbed in water and are said to leave the skin soft and fragrant.