Fremont Clematis (Clematis fremontii)


Fremont Clematis Clematis fremontii Wats. (BUTTERCUP FAMILY)

Fremont clematis is an erect perennial 6-12 in. tall with a fibrous root system. The dense leaves are opposite, broadly ovate to elliptic, with a thick, leathery texture. The leaf margin is entire (with rare teeth), and the leaf blade is sparsely villous to glabrous. The solitary apetalous flowers are borne on a recurved stalk and are composed of 4 to 5 thick lanceolate sepals. The urn-shaped calyx cup is purple on the outer surface and white within. The fruit is an achene, tipped with a persistent silken, threadlike style. This plant has been called leatherplant because of the texture of the leaves and flower, and rattleweed because the dried plant on the prairie rattles when shaken or when the wind sweeps it across the prairie.