A Cheap Lightweight Step for Dogs (Alternative to Ramp)

When the old dog got to the point that he had difficulty getting in and out of the vehicle, I needed a step that was light and I could take with me out to the pastures for our daily walks. Dog ramps were too expensive and heavy so I had to design a different solution. The result was the step I created below. I know that a lot of others have built these steps and are pleased with the results. This step is a light step produced from foam insulation that can be purchased at any building supply store or you may be able to pick up scraps from construction sites, I did. It is relatively inexpensive and easily cut with almost any saw. The pieces are glued together with a foam board adhesive, available at most hardware stores. You can cover the step with a vinyl cover or any other fabric (Other Step Pics) (also see below). I saw on the web elsewhere where one dog owner had glued astroturf on the top. I have used this step for the Bronco, but also have one in the bedroom for the old dog to use in getting up on the bed as well. Hope this provides an inexpensive aid to old dogs everywhere! There is another site that would be useful to dogs who have a problem with dragging their hind leg. Assisting Dogs who Drag their Hind Leg

Lisa Auen ( auen@ksu.edu ) http://www.goldstockfund.org/edu/aids_dogsteps.html