Carrotleaf Lomatium (Lomatium foeniculaceum var. daucifolium)


Carrotleaf Lomatium Lomatium foeniculaceum var. daucifolium (T. & G.) Crong. (PARSLEY FAMILY)

Carrotleaf lomatium is a prostrate aromatic perennial 4-10 in. tall. The alternate, mostly basal leaves are divided to the base into 3 divisions, each of them 3-pinnate. The petiole of the leaf is strongly sheathing. The inflorescence is a compound umbel of 5-petaled yellow flowers. The fruit is oval with broadly winged lateral ribs. The aroma of this plant reminds one of celery. The roots are edible raw or cooked. The young stems may also be eaten. The dried root has been ground into flour and biscuitlike cakes baked from it. The seeds may be eaten raw or dried and ground into flour.