Serrateleaf Eveningprimrose (Calylophus serrulatus)


Serrateleaf Eveningprimrose Calylophus serrulatus (Nutt.) Raven

EVENINGPRIMROSE FAMILY) Serrateleaf eveningprimrose is an erect perennial 6-18 in. tall with simple or branched stems, woody at the base, and glabrate to silvery-canescent. The alternate leaves are linearoblong to lanceolate, sharply dentate, and glabrous to canescent. The flowers are sessile in the upper leaf axils and have 4 yellow petals. The flower is borne atop a hypanthium which extends above the ovary. The fruit is a linear-cylindric capsule with a persistent calyx. This plant was formerly in the genus Oenothera.