Roundheaded Prairieclover (Petalostumum multiflorum)


Roundheaded Prairieclover Petalostemon multiflorum Nutt. (PEA FAMILY)

Roundheaded prairieclover is a bushy, erect perennial 1-3 ft tall with glabrous stems. The alternate leaves leaflets. The leaflets are linear-oblong to cuneate-oblong, glabrous, and glandular-dotted below. The inflorescence is of globose heads of white pea flowers with 5 conspicuous, long-clawed petals. Each flower is subtended by a bract. The legume is small and enclosed in a persistent calyx. One author reports that Indians used the leaves for a tea and as a preventive medicine. The roots were chewed and the stems tied together for use as brooms.