Arkansas Rose (Rosa arkansana)


Arkansas Rose Rosa arkansana Porter (ROSE FAMILY)

Arkansas rose is an erect, trailing, or climbing perennial shrub 1-4 ft tall, prickly throughout. The alternate leaves are pinnately compound with 9 to 11 obovate to obovate-oblong glabrous leaflets with dentate margins. The inflorescence is a flat-topped cluster of light pink to red 5-petaled flowers with distinct yellow stamens. The fruit is an urn-shaped structure, commonly called a hip, which turns bright red at maturity. Rose hips can be eaten raw, stewed, candied, or as preserves; they are also used to make a tea. The petals can be candied or eaten in salads. Arkansas rose has the same pleasing aroma as that of cultivated roses. Rose hips are an excellent source of vitamin C.