Nuttall Deathcamas (Zigadenus nuttallii)


Nuttall Deathcamas Zigadenus nuttallii Gray (LILY FAMILY)

Nuttall deathcamas is an erect perennial 1-1 1/2 ft tall growing from a bulb. The broad grasslike leaves form a basal rosette and are folded along the midrib. The stem and basal leaves recurve. The inflorescence is a simple, terminal raceme of white flowers. The 6 similar perianth parts are in 2 rows of 3 each. The fruit is an ovoid 3-valved capsule. This plant is highly poisonous and occasional livestock losses occur, primarily from livestock eating the new growth which may be the only appreciable green growth available at that time of year. Human poisoning has occurred from mistaking the bulbs for wild onion or hyacinth.